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The Full Story

Hello and welcome! My name is Grant Hosler and I'm a passionate and experienced photographer and videographer based in Columbus, Ohio! I'm a local to the area and grew up in Granville, just a stones throw away.

My path into the world of visual storytelling began at Bowling Green State University, where I honed my craft and graduated with a degree in Media Production and Studies, complimented by a minor in Art Photography. Since then, my professional journey has been as diverse and exciting as the events and subjects I've been privileged to capture through my lens.

I've been fortunate to chronicle a variety of experiences - from the romantic moments of weddings, the dynamic energy of trade shows, the creative narratives of commercials, to the human stories unfolded during the Covid-19 pandemic as a news photographer. My experience in post-production editing across diverse media including commercials, streaming platforms such as Hulu, company testimonials, and news editing at NBC4i has further sharpened my skill set.

My specialization lies in capturing life's special moments – events, candid emotions, portraits, families, as well as commercial videography and trade shows. What truly sets my work apart is my keen eye for detail and my unique ability to capture those fleeting, precious moments often unnoticed. I take pride in documenting the raw human emotion, the laughter, the tears, the subtle glances and unspoken bonds.

Beyond my work, I'm a fervent advocate for conservation, with a love for animals (and aquariums!) that rivals my passion for photography and videography. Traveling, exploring new places and cultures, only fuels my creativity and broadens my perspective.

Whether it's your big day, a commercial project, or a precious family event, I bring my unique blend of skills, passion, and attention to detail to ensure that no moment goes unnoticed, and every story is told in the most captivating way.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I look forward to working with you and helping bring your vision to life.

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